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Dear PLS,
People are afraid of lots of things Ė rollercoasters, snakes, spiders Ė but Iím afraid of getting my ears pierced. All my friends have pierced ears and they look great. I really want them, too, but I shiver and shake every time I head toward the Ear Piercing Hut in the mall. Iím worried it will hurt and that Iíll cry in front of everyone there!

Ears Without Earrings

Dear Ears,
The good news is that pierced earrings arenít a must. You can get by very nicely with earringless earlobes. But if you really want them, we encourage you to be brave. Take a friend along (or your mom, sister, or aunt) and make her promise to hold your hand during the piercing.

Itís true that getting your ears pierced does hurt for a bit. But most girls find that the pain doesnít last long. Just be sure to go to a shop thatís careful with this procedure. Ask if they use a single-use gun (sorry to use the word ďgunĒ when youíre already nervous). That means that they donít use the equipment on anyone but you, so itís more likely to be clean and germ-free. Good luck!

Think Pink!

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