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Dear PLS,
I know this is a website for girls, but Iím a guy. Hereís my question: All the guys I know like the same girl. It makes me mad because Iíve liked her the longest. How can I tell those other guys to back off?

A Guy

Dear Guy,
Weíre happy to know that guys like our website, too. Everyone is welcome here! But back to your question. It stinks when too many people Ė especially friends Ė like the same person.

In some ways, itís like in soccer or basketball when everyone is fighting for the ball. Hey, thatís mine! Give it here! But a girl (or a guy) isnít a piece of sporting equipment. People arenít property, so thereís no sense telling other boys they shouldnít like your girl.

But you can tell this girl that you like her and see what happens. Even though you liked her first, itís up to her to decide whom she likes. Maybe she likes you, too. But be kind if she just wants to be friends.

Think pink (or blue)!

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