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Dear PLS,
My bff had a hotel birthday party but i was not invited and its getting on my nerves. What should i do? she invited all her bff's but me.

Emily, 12

Dear Emily,
It stinks no doubt about it when youre not invited to a special party. Maybe your friend had to limit the number of guests and you were one of the unlucky ones who got crossed off the list.

One thing you can do is talk with your friend. When its just the two of you, say something like, I was upset that you didnt invite me to your party. It made me feel left out. This gives your friend a chance to say shes sorry and explain. A good friend would probably try to say something to make you feel better. She might be glad to clear the air!

When stuff like this happens, its also a good time to think about your pool of friends. You probably have a group of school friends, but you might also have neighborhood friends, friends you play on a sports team with, friends you met at summer camp, and cousins you love to see. Keeping your circle of friends nice and wide is great because you can always find someone to hang out with, chat with, or text.

Think pink!


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