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This is going to sound weird, but my boobs are ruining my life. They are ENOR-MOOSE boobs. Biggest in the whole school. What do I do?


Dear E.B,
We hear you! Though lots of girls wish for bigger breasts, when you feel yours are too big, it is no fun. They always seem to get in the way. The best approach is to manage them. Here are good steps to take:

Buy bras that fit you well. Go to a store that has someone who can measure and fit you for a bra. This may sound embarrassing, but it’s worth it to get a bra that fits right and feels good. If there’s no expert fitter, ask your mom, aunt, big sister, or a female friend to help. Also buy a sports bra so you feel comfortable when it’s time for gym class or sports.

Choose clothes that work with your figure. A good bra will help you wear most any shirt you like, but if you’re self-conscious, try not to wear shirts that are too tight or too revealing. You can do a quick check at home to see if your shirt is too revealing. Stand in front of a mirror and bend forward. Your shirt shouldn’t open or gap too much.

Learn to handle gawkers. It’s annoying to have people stare at your chest. But you never have to just put up with rude stares or comments. Tell a parent, teacher, or another adult if someone is bothering you in this way. You can ignore them and walk away but if you are feeling bold just tell the offending gawker: Yo, my eyes are up here!

Think pink!

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