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Hey PLS,
My parents are pressuring me to do better with homework but now I never have any time to hang out with my BFF's

Isabel, 13

Dear Isabel,
We’ve been there for sure. In fact, we were thinking of adding a third B to the PBBs, so instead of Periods, Bras, and Boys, it would be Periods, Bras, Boys and BALANCE. Balance means that your life is not all one thing. You get the homework done but still have some time to chill out and do other stuff, like hang out with friends.

Finding balance is hard, but since you can’t cut out homework, here’s what we suggest. Get serious about your school work and get some visible results – like a few good grades that show your effort. Then, tell your parents you will continue to be serious about school, but that you’d like all your hard work to earn you some friend time.

Another way to maximize your free time is to become efficient about doing your schoolwork. That doesn’t mean a rush job. It means you can get better at getting organized and focused. Want to see how organized your are right now?

Try this quiz!

Think pink!


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