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Dear PLS,
I took off my shoes in the car the other day and my sister said my feet stank. My dad agreed. This was embarrassing. Now I never want to take my shoes off in public, like in gym class. Help!

El Stinkfoot

Dear E.S.,
Did you ever sniff a baby’s tiny feet and pretend that they were soooo smelly? “Poo-stinky!” That really cracks a baby up. But it’s not that funny when you get older and your feet start to actually stink. We asked a microbiologist – someone who studies tiny things – and she said that germs actually cause the smell. I hate to gross you out, but bacteria grow on feet and eat dead skin cells and oil from your skin. Then the bacteria start producing organic acids (waste) that produce the smell.

But there’s hope. Less sweat means less stink, so take these steps: Keep your feet clean and dry. Wear clean cotton socks that let your feet breathe. Switch shoes. Don’t wear the same pair every day. And make sure your shoes are not too tight. Go barefoot. Feel the breeze between your toesies!

Think Pink!

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