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The Pink Locker Society (PLS) is a brand new book series for girls ages 8-12 about middle school life and the PBBs (periods, bras, and boys.) Only Girls Allowed was released in September 2010. Best Kept Secret will be published in January 2011.

The Pink Locker Society is a secret group formed to give girl-to-girl advice about anything, especially the PBBs. What are the PBBs? Periods, bras, and boys.

In Only Girls Allowed, Jemma, Kate, Piper, and Bet start their first day of 8th grade at Margaret Simon Middle School. Everything seems normal until … Hey! That would be giving too much away. You’ll have to read the book.

But we can tell you just a little more about the PLS. Girls who have questions write to the PLS and the PLS answers on a website. Below, you can see some of the questions raised in the book and read the full answers. Have a question that needs an answer? Submit it and we’ll ask the PLS to get to work on it!



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