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To begin this project, find a bandana that you like. Classic bandanas have great designs, but there are lots of others out there. Bandanas, like all fabrics, have a front (the side you want to show) and a back side of the material. The front side of the fabric is called the “right side” of the fabric. When you follow the steps below, you’ll need to know which is which so the outside of your purse looks the way you want it to look.

This project requires use of a sewing machine. Please ask a grownup for help using it.

1”-2” wide ribbon
Ric rac or other trim
Sewing machine

1. Fold the bandana in half with right sides together and sew along the length. Press the seam open and turn it right side out. You now have a long tube with just the right sides of the fabric showing.
2. Press the material flat with the seam going right up the center. The seam will go along the inside of your purse. Now, lay the material down on the table so the seam does not show. You are now looking at what will be the outside of your purse – how does it look?
3. Fold the length of the bandana in half with the seam on the outside and what will be the outside of your purse folded in on itself. Sew the two side seams closed.
4. Turn the bag right side out.
5. To finish the opening, fold the top edge down once, about 1 inch, and press it. Stitch the opening edge all the way around about ¾” from the edge.
6. Choose a length of ribbon for either one handle or two. Fold the edge of the ribbon under once before sewing it onto the inside of the purse (this will keep the edge from fraying).
7. Sew the handles on, also ¾” from the top edge of the opening.
8. Now, add ric rac trim around the top of the purse. Start sewing at a side seam and lay the ric rac over the seams you just sewed. As you sew on the ric rac it will hide all of your previous seams and make the bag look “finished.”
9. Embellish your purse any way you like: add a button closure, snap, or just decorative buttons. 



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