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To prepare for this project, visit the craft store to find ribbon and beads that you like. Select a large bead as your “focus” and smaller beads to accent your design. Pony beads are plastic beads with a large opening for easy threading.

Polyester grosgrain ribbon – 3/8” to 5/8”
Pony beads – various shapes & colors (7-8 beads per bookmark)
Clear nail polish

1. To ensure that your bookmark comes out the correct length, do not pre-cut your ribbon – work with the ribbon on the spool. A heavyweight ribbon, such as a grosgrain ribbon, works best. Plain satin ribbon can be used, but tie double knots or your beads will slide off.
2. Cut the end of the ribbon at a sharp angle. Carefully dab the edge of the ribbon with clear nail polish and let dry. This will prevent the ribbon from fraying and will create a stiff edge for threading beads.
3. Lay out a pattern on the table. Choose the colors that you like and ones that will match with your ribbon. You will need about 5 beads at one end, and 2 to 3 smaller beads at the other end to balance out your bookmark.
4. Slide all the beads onto the ribbon and tie a single knot at the end, close to the cut edge.
5. Now, decide on the length of your bookmark (use your favorite book to measure a comfortable length) but don’t cut yet! Add about 2 extra inches to the length and then cut. (Tying knots will shorten the ribbon, so that’s why you need the extra inches.)
6. Tie the middle knot. It will hold your “focus” beads in place. This center knot is the hardest to tie since you want the beads held in place but not squeezed together too tightly.
7. Tie the final knot on the other end of your bookmark.
8. Seal the final edge of your ribbon with nail polish to prevent fraying. Enjoy your reading!



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