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With this headband project, you’ll need to choose a color scheme. One way to go is to make everything your favorite color. If that color is purple, your headband will be purple, you’ll use purple buttons, and sew them on with purple embroidery floss.

Wide stretchy headband
Large needle (choosing one with a blunt edge can save you from poking yourself)
Embroidery floss
Miscellaneous buttons of various sizes and shapes

1. Thread the needle with embroidery floss.
2. Tie a knot at the end of your floss so it anchors the floss on the underside of the headband as you sew.
3. Sew on the button.
4. When your button is on securely, cut the floss.
5. Take each end of the remaining floss and tie into a knot. Then trim the ends to ¼ inch.
6. Repeat with the rest of your buttons until finished.



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