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This project requires a sewing machine. Please ask a grownup for help using it.

5/8” to ½” ribbon
Sewing machine

1. Find a rectangular placemat with a cool design. Do not choose one that is too thick; a thinner placemat works best.
2. Lay the placemat on the table facedown, so you are looking at the back of the placemat. Fold the bottom of the placemat up about 2/3 of the way toward the top. Use 3 or 4 straight pins to hold the folded placemat straight. (This will create the pocket for your pencils.)
3. Using a ruler and a piece of chalk, draw vertical lines to mark where you will sew. Make these lines about 1½” apart. (This will divide the large pocket into individual pockets for each pencil or pen.)
4. Sew straight seams along your chalk lines to make these individual pockets.
5. Cut a length of ribbon about 18” long. Your placemat is now a wide, thin rectangle. Fold the ribbon in half and tuck the folded end into one of the short sides of the placemat.
6. Sew that side of the placement closed, securing the folded ribbon. The ribbon will be used to tie your pen carrier closed. Sew the other short side closed.
7. Tuck in all of your best pencils or pens, roll them up, and you are ready to draw anywhere, in style!



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