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Wish necklaces are unusual because they’re designed to break! Hang a tiny charm on a thin piece of thread and then wear your necklace. When it breaks, your wish is released and (we hope) will come true.

These special crafts are best made with a friend. Explore the jewelry aisle of your favorite crafts store and look for a package of small charms to represent your wishes. It could be a star (wishing on a star), a heart (a wish from the bottom of your heart), or even a butterfly (to carry your wishes up and away).

Embroidery floss
Small charm (metal, plastic, or stone)

1. Cut a length of embroidery floss long enough for a necklace. You will notice that embroidery floss consists of 6 smaller strands of thread. You will want to separate one of the threads, which will serve as the chain for your necklace. (This can be tricky. Try rubbing the floss between your fingers to unwind the 6-string strand.)
2. Hold your charm tight and make a wish!
3. Thread the charm on the string and have a friend tie the ends for you.
4. Wear it day and night.
5. When the thread breaks, it’s time to make a new wish necklace!



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