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The Pink Locker Society (PLS) is a brand new book series for girls ages 8-12 about middle school life and the PBBs (periods, bras, and boys.)

The Pink Locker Society (PLS) has a mysterious past and an uncertain future. Meet the members of this secret society and one very important cute boy. Just between you and me, Jemma has a monster-sized crush on him. But does he want to be more than friends?

Jemma’s a dreamer and a doer. She’s trying to figure out what it means to be 13 and, finally, an eighth grader. It bugs her that her body isn’t developing quite as quickly as some of her friends. And it really bugs her that the love of her life – Forrest McCann – has a fluffy blonde girlfriend. Jemma is ready for new challenges and experiences, but a little nervous, too. She likes rules and doesn’t always know what to do when her path is as foggy as a London morning.

Clubs, activities: Volleyball, ski club, and yearbook

Wants to grow up to be: A chef or a lawyer

Rollercoasters or no rollercoasters: Yes, but with strict conditions: Kate has to go on with her, no front or back cars, and she never lets go of the safety bar.

Kate’s a solid-gold friend. She’s Jemma’s BFF, but just about everyone likes her Why? When she talks to you, she just has a way of making you relax and be yourself. She’s even nice to sixth graders! And when the entire world is going crazy, Kate stays cool and calm. But she doesn’t like being the center of attention. A surprise birthday party would make her faint!

Clubs, activities: Soccer, photography, and Spanish

Wants to grow up to be: A doctor or a veterinarian

Rollercoasters or no rollercoasters: She’ll ride them, but she’d rather spend her time on rides that splash!

Piper lives the glamorous life, or at least as glamorous as you can be in eighth grade. She likes dark sunglasses and shiny, metallic purses. She’s funny and smart, too, so cute boys flock to her. But she can never quite make up her mind. Some girls like that are super-annoying, but Piper’s a true friend. In other words, there’s a good heart in there under all those accessories.

Clubs, activities: Cheerleading, yearbook, and technology club

Wants to grow up to be: A fashion designer or head of a computer company

Rollercoasters or no rollercoasters: Oh, yeah! Hands up all the way!

It’s not easy being the new girl, but Bet is finding her way. She hails from Thailand, an exotic, tropical country, where the people are super-friendly and the food is hot-hot-hot! She has a quiet voice and is dedicated to her schoolwork. But there’s more to her story. Give her a little time to get comfortable at her new school. She’s bound to surprise you!

Clubs, activities: None yet

Wants to grow up to be: An international TV reporter

Rollercoasters or no rollercoasters: Coasters? You bet! She loves the Slalom Coaster at Pattaya Beach Park.

Something funny happened to Forrest last year: He grew and grew! Now, his feet almost match up with his dad’s, his shoulders have spread wider, and he ended up needing all new shirts and pants. Then he was named quarterback of the football team. Suddenly, he looks really good to all the girls, including his pretty and popular girlfriend. But it happened so fast he isn’t sure who he is – the same old Forrest or Mr. Cool?

Clubs, activities: Football, baseball, basketball, and chess club

Wants to grow up to be: A professional athlete

Rollercoasters or no rollercoasters: Coasters? He hates them, but don’t tell anyone.

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