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I’m Debra Moffitt, kids' editor of – the #1 website for answers about your body and all the challenges that go along with becoming a teen. I love hearing from girls and guys who visit KidsHealth. Over the years, so many girls wrote in with questions and stories that it inspired me to write The Pink Locker Society. (So thanks to all who reminded me what it’s like to be in middle school, have a huge secret crush, and be a little weirded-out about growing up.)

It’s been a while since I was in Allen Middle School, the new girl in 6th grade who got pushed out of her bus seat by some mean 8th graders. Ouch! But things got better pretty fast. From there, I went on to high school, where I wrote for the school newspaper. After college, I worked for more newspapers, writing about everything from court trials to skydivers. I once went up in a skydiving plane that had no door, no seats, and was piloted by a dentist. Not smart!

I joined KidsHealth in 2002 and have been happily writing about kid stuff ever since. There’s a serious side, of course, since real kids sometimes have real problems. But who wouldn’t like a job that lets you write about burps and stinky feet? I also find plenty of burping and stinky feet at home in Delaware, where I’m surrounded by sports-loving boys – my husband and three sons, ages 12, 11, and 3.

We have fabulous artist Chuck Gonzales to thank for bringing The Pink Locker Society’s characters to life. He took the story and a few of our ideas and drew each character into being. Some things you can request – like hair color – but there are a hundred other details that go into making each character. The artist is responsible for putting it all together – from the glint in someone’s eye to the tilt of another’s head. Each tiny stroke combines to tell you something about who that character is – or thinks she is!

Chuck has plenty of experience putting it all together on paper. He received a fine arts degree from Southwest Texas State University, worked at a Chicago design firm, and then made the big move to New York City, where he lives and works today. He has illustrated other books and worked for some top-notch clients, like Disney, Seventeen, Nickelodeon, and ESPN.

But becoming a professional artist took many years and long hours at the drawing table. As a kid, Chuck drew, read comic books, and – thanks to supportive parents – attended a lot of art programs. He also remembers loving a book about a New York illustrator that his mom, a teacher, shared with him.

“It showed me that making a living drawing the world as I saw it was a possibility,” Chuck says.

There were clues, even when Chuck was a tot, that he would be an artist. He once drew a monster on his dad’s paycheck – oops! After that, Chuck says, his parents kept plenty of pencils and paper around. started as an almost crazy idea in 1995. It was Dr. Neil Izenberg’s almost crazy idea, to be precise. Were you even born in 1995? Lots of you weren’t! It was back when the Internet was something very new that not many people understood or used. But wow, did that change quickly. Today, 3 million visitors a month come to just the kids section of (We also have sites for teens and parents.)

All those years ago, Dr. Izenberg started out with a little bitty staff, but now about 30 people work hard to keep KidsHealth working and growing. Our office is in a charming old building (the heater goes “clank! clank!”) at the Nemours/Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. The site has won many awards, but our favorite kind of praise isn’t in our trophy case. It comes in one-by-one from kids who write in every day to thank us for helping them learn more and feel better.

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