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"The Pink Locker Society is a warm, funny story about four friends who get pulled into an adventure, and it's also a book chock full of information that will empower and inform middle grades girls. When the time comes, I'll certainly give my daughter a copy!"
Marisa de los Santos, author of Love Walked In and Belong to Me

"The Pink Locker Society is a bright, encouraging and informative story for girls navigating through those difficult middle school years, and trying to make sense of all the changes they're going through. Debra Moffitt has created a world with good friends, a secret society, real problems, practical solutions, and a little bit of magic.

The Pink Locker Society will make kids feel less alone and help parents answer the tough questions. As a mother, I heartily recommend this excellent book and website to girls and parents alike."

Beth Harbison, author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous, a New York Times bestseller

"This book rocks! Picture empowered group of middle-school girls help their friends by giving age-appropriate and pertinent information about growing up, growing bodies and growing healthy relationships. Debra Moffitt has done just this by magically weaving a powerful message between the lines of an exciting and mysterious story.

The Pink Locker Society tells girls they are most beautiful when they are their authentic, natural and real selves. I am thrilled to share this book with my own daughter...a valuable tool to excite and encourage her to celebrate her body, her voice and her power."

Molly Barker, founder of Girls on the Run, a national program that uses running to teach preteen girls about healthy lifestyles and self-respect

"This book presented great advice and different points of view on friendship, school, and other hard subjects. The plot was priceless and interesting, and I was up all hours of the night trying to finish this must-read book."
Emelia, 10


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